Rescue and Restore


The first ministry we help support is Rescue and Restore. This ministry runs an orphanage that has 18 children currently in Chennai India, and rescues orphan children off of the streets and provides them with a home, food, clothes and an education. They work with the boys and girls when they grow up to get them jobs in the area, so that they can go out on their own. The home is run by a gentleman and his wife, whom we had the privilege to meet on our first trip to India. We have been in contact with this ministry since 2002, and have seen the great work they are doing, as well as the heart for children they and their staff have.  We have had the opportunity to go back and visit this ministry on three occasions since then. Many of the children in the home have now grown up and have families of their own, some have even comeback to Rescue and Restore to help as staff members.

Rescue and Restore has recently been  given land on which they can build a facility that will be able to provide food and shelter to 30 girls and 30 boys, plans have been drawn and approved  for three separate buildings, one for the girls one for the boys and a third building for staff. The land has been cleared for the buildings and construction has started. There is also a security wall around the land and a well with good drinking water and a second well has been added to the property as well. Electricity has also been brought to the property,

They are in the process of trying to raise finances to complete the building.  

Please be in prayer for this project. If you would like to contribute to this project please go to our finance page for information on making a donation to our ministry.

Future True Light Givers Orphanage

 The second  ministry we help support is in Yangon, Myanmar. There Naing Htang, with the help of his three sisters, his wife and their mother run an orphanage thet currently has 8 children ranging in age from 5 to 17 years. There are also four children that have grown and finished school and have now started higher education learning language such as English.  

They have relocated these children from the remote areas of Myanmar to Naing's home area of Yangon and they provide the children with food, shelter, clothes, education as well as the Word of God.  Most of these children were not able to receive an education do to lack of money. The children did not have access to good medical help.  Now at the orphanage,  they are able to receive medical help when needed.  

 At first the children were treated poorly in school because they are orphans, despite this the children are doing well in their school studies with the help from the staff in the home some of the children have even received awards in school for receiving high grades. 

We are believing (along with Naing and his staff) that God will provide the finances to purchase a house with land, as a permanent place where they can live and farm some of their own food.  It is also their desire to take in more children but will only do so as finances permit. 

Upendo Feeding Program

 The third ministry we help support is the Upendo feeding program located in Kitale Kenya. This ministry is run by Paul Odari and his wife Mary.  They are the Pastors of Devine Life Church Ministries in the Sikhendu area of Kitale. 
Once a week Paul, Mary and staff members go into the main city of Kitale and feed lunch to the starving street children. Currently they are feeding between 65 and 80 children one meal per week. These children have no home so, they lack shelter and food so they must beg for food, or steal from local merchants. Many of them sniff shoe glue to relieve the pain of hunger. This has not been an easy labor of love for Paul and Mary as Kitale is 40 minutes away from Sikhendu and they had to take public transportation, which took 2 hours to get there. God has provided them with a van and now they are trusting God to provide gas to get them there and for food to feed the children. We are working to raise support to allow  them to feed these children three times a week. 
They are believing that they will be able to someday feed these children three meals a day seven days a week. They also desire  to build an orphanage in their area and relocate some of these children and provide them with shelter, clothes and an education as well as the Word of God.  In May of 2015 we were able to visit Paul and Mary and witness the work they are doing as well as see Paul and Mary's heart for the children and the people in Kenya.